Top 10 Best Emulator Games To Play On Your PC 2022

List Of The Best Emulator Games of 2022

There are a lot of Android games that you can play with your newly installed Emulator for PC, but if you cant choose, I’ll give you the list of the best emulator games that you can play with your PC, without further ado let’s dive in.

1. State of Survival

State of survival is one the best and high graphics, zombie apocalyptic games, it is a strategy game in which you will take the rule o commander, you can create or build your settlements as a defense from zombie attacks.

You can gather some powerful survivors that can help you in defending your settlements, each survivor or what they called heroes have different skills of their own and you can use their skills based on your strategy as an advantage for an incoming enemy, if strategy zombie game is your choice, the State of Survival is one of the best emulator games you can play.

2. Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Next on our list is a rework of the famous RPG game “Ragnarok” which everybody loves back in the day, but the iconic RPG game has now its official Android version, which makes this game our best choice emulator game?

Well, it is because it is a complete rework of the classic game that everybody loves, I know some players miss the original version, but this Ragnarok X is better in terms of graphics, it is a full pledge high graphics 3D RPG game, it is also an open-world game, means you are free to explore the vast map of Midgard in the game Ragnarok X.

3. Bullet Angel: Xshot Mission

Next, is an FPS game called “Bullet Angel”, if a shooting game is your choice when it comes to emulator games, you will probably like this one, “Bullet Angel” cool sound isn’t it? based on the title you may think that this game is like a game based on Charles’s angel or Kill Bill, but it is not.

This game is a full-fledged FPS shooting game, that can complete some of the famous shooter games out there, this is not a battle royal shooting game where you will be dropped into an island from a parachute, this game is more likely resembles a game Counterstrike.

You can play solo or you can play with your teammate, there are also different maps that you can choose, different fun game modes, best FPS emulator games? don’t forget to check this one to try in your emulator to play on your PC.

4. Pokemon Unite 

Want to play pokemon emulator games on PC? don’t worry we have it for you, our best choice for a Pokemon emulator game is one of the newest and probably one the most popular mobile games called “Pokemon Unite”. (ppsspp roms)

The game was released on Nintendo in July of 2021, now you can also play the game on Android and iOS but there is no PC version of the game, but thankfully since were using an Android Emulator, we can now enjoy this game on PC.

The game Pokemon Unite, if you don’t know is a MOBA version of Pokemon game, where you as a trainer, will choose what pokemon to use in a battle, you can control the pokemon like a typical MOBA game, you can play with your teammates, and fight in three-lane in which you should defend, those team who has the highest score will be a winner.

5. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Next on our list is another strategy game, you can train your troops, recruits powerful heroes that can help your army win the war, Lords Mobile is a bit different from other strategy games like the State of Survival since, in this game, you have more control of your troops compared to other Strategy game.

This game is simple but not too easy to master, You can build your kingdom, train your troops, recruited powerful heroes, build an alliance, and dominate the land by defeating other players if you want a strategy game that with a spice, Lords Mobile, in my opinion, is one of the best games to play on emulator.

6. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is a Mobile game that is famous in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, the game Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that looks resembles a League of Legends.

The graphics are good, and the maps are good, the gameplay is almost the same as some famous MOBA games, there are three lines with a couple of towers to defend by each team, the first to destroy all the towers including the main tower will declare the winner if you’re looking for the emulator games that is alternative to DOTA 2 or League of Legends, this game Mobile Legends might be your best choice.

7. Punishing Grey Raven

Next is an Action RPG game called Punishing Grey Rave, the game is based on a storyline when the world is ruined by a biomechanical virus called the punishing, and you as a commandant will lead the Grey raven special force to retake the earth from this machine of destruction.

This emulator game is one of the best games you can play on mobile, but you can amplify the excitement by playing this game on PC, since taking better control of this game on PC compared to mobile, you can dodge, parry, and create some powerful Combos on an emulator compared when playing on your phone, but don’t get me wrong since there’s a lot of pro players that have amazing control playing on their phone rather than using PC.

But if you are not a pro and you want to play this game easily, you can download this game in your emulator since Punishing Grey Raven is one of the best emulator games that you can play.

8. The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Do you like ants, and create your ant colony? well if your answer is yes this game might be your best choice of emulator game that you can play on your PC.

This game “The Ants: Underground Kingdoms” let you create your underground kingdom in the game, cultivate your underground farm to feed you ants, gather resources for your colony, and make your kingdom thrive, but beware since this game is also a war game, a strategy game on which other player’s ant colony may attack you and plunder your resources.

So to avoid it to happen you can train powerful soldier ants to guard your kingdom and join some powerful alliance to fight off hostile players.

9. Bullet Echo

Our next game is called “Bullet Echo” I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this game, with its simple graphics, is light and less lag when playing even on a decent specs smartphone.

This game is a battle royal shooter game, but it is not some battle royal that you commonly play, this is a kind of game called top-down game, like the angle that you can see in the game Robbery Bob.

You can play solo and fight with random teams or you can also team up with your friends to experience this unique kind of battle royal game, that is worth including in this list as one of the best emulator games to play.

10. PUBG New State

Next on our list is PUBG’s new state, the gameplay is just the same as the older PUBG, the only difference is, they add a lot of things in this game like dodging, drone calls, and support requests.

The graphics are also improved in the game, since the original PUBG becomes a little bit older, the company decides to add a little touch to the game.

When it comes to the battle royal emulator game, PUBG New State can be your best choice.

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